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What Color Ink to Sign Legal Documents

The opinions expressed are for informational purposes only and not to provide legal advice to the respective author. Contact a lawyer for a specific problem or problem. Trendy and funny ink colors such as green, pink or purple can also be problematic with checks. In general, most controls are mapped or scanned with a very high-speed scanner. Some types of scanners are unable to detect or decipher these unusual colors, which means that a scan may not be applied correctly or may have processing problems. If you also sign your own, in black ink or for blue legal documents legal documents. When sending a document, the colour copies were of alarming quality (14). Do not sign with ink [Insert color] – the goal is to avoid a color that is not photocopied. Can I sign a legal document in blue ink? The most common is either What does it mean to sign in blue ink? Can I sign a legal document in blue ink? (24). Ask your spouse and adult child to sign their own cheques – never in red ink – and get permission if you need to bank on their behalf.

Stock up on blue ink pencils and keep the fancy ink colors for birthday cards. They will stay away from legal difficulties. Even if you`re legally married and have a joint bank account, it`s illegal to confirm your spouse`s name on the back of a check, says Charles R. Gallagher III, an attorney at Gallagher & Associates in St. Petersburg, Florida. Technically, signing someone else`s name is a scam. And this could lead to the refusal of the payment check and even your arrest if your spouse were to file a complaint. Many believe that the workaround for fraud is simply to sign “Deposits Only” on the back of the check. But Gallagher says the tactics are far from foolproof. If your spouse gets angry, he could still push the legal problem and pretend that you stole the money. Wayne Thomas received his J.D. from Penn State University and has been practicing law since 2008.

He has experience writing on environmental issues, music and health, as well as legal issues. Since 2011, Thomas has also worked as an editor for the Vermont Environmental Monitor. Someone told me that writing purple on legal documents is not valid. This is probably a misconception, as most forms say that blue or black ink is used, but there is no law that regulates a valid signature. Even if you deposit the money into your child`s personal bank account, it is illegal to sign your name or your child`s name on the back of that cheque that grandma sends to a minor for a holiday or birthday gift. You shouldn`t just use the first pen you find when it comes to signing business or legal documents. It`s important that you have a professional (13). The meaning of writing has existed for centuries: the first forms of written expression can be traced back to 3500 BC. Over the centuries, Scripture has become in many ways more legally binding than oral communication. Whether it`s a simple X or a meticulously written full name, a few strokes of the pencil can become an unbreakable promise. by EW Stein · 1948 — Teristik des Schreibens.

Some inks tend to beat through paper. Others allow the propagation of the vehicle or color, (37). If a person signs their documents in black ink and photocopies are made, it can become difficult to determine what the original is and what the photocopy is. In addition, there are no regulations regarding the color of ink on legal documents (Ironically, there are also places where things must be signed or (15). In the days before the color copy, red didn`t photocopy well either. So choose the one that best suits your personal style and budget, and keep in mind that the pen you choose can very well be used to sign documents of significant importance. Researchers have found evidence of signatures in transactions written in Jewish and Muslim cultures dating back to the 2nd century. But this phenomenon did not become widespread in Europe until the 16th and 17th centuries, when literacy became more common and education systems improved.

In the days before color photocopiers, blue or black ink was preferred because the other colors were not dark enough to reproduce. Although copy technology has improved in recent years, some colors should not be used as a security measure on legal documents. Many document scanners are unable to detect unusual colors such as orange or green, and this will continue to be the case for the foreseeable future. Jul 25, 2021 — Question: What ink color (black or blue) is required to sign legal documents? Answer: Thank you very much. I expected this question (6) to require. However, avoid colors other than black or blue, as the copy can wash out lighter ink colors. Some government agencies require black ink, while others require blue ink. Some reasons are: black ink, which is compatible with older scanning technologies. or. Blue ink is more different from black text. .